State Lines EP - State Lines

8 out of 10

Pop-punk refuses to die in a world where teens and young adults alike love to pick apart their favorite bands via the internet. Raw ability and refinement in one’s sound is a balance that many groups struggle to find in the early going. No one wants to sound over-produced nor does anyone prefer to sound like a scratchy demo tape.

This is where State Lines comes in. The Long Island New Yorkers have shown remarkable progress in their sound since their earliest days. Raw emotion found only in the heart of suburbia culture is well represented by the east coast quartet. In a balance of savvy with amateurism, the band creates a solid four song set backed by instrument mastery and pure sentimentality.

In “5’s On The Elephant” an explosion of furious drumming and catchy guitar riffs propel singer Johnathan Dimitri into the open world to vent his frustrations. Dimitri’s strung out vocals are as captivating as they are polarizing. In a desperate, boyish yowl that is consistent throughout the EP, Dimitri harmonizes on letting down your guard and getting lost in love quarrels. “Plenty of Time” proves to the most listener friendly track with a magnetizing guitar lead and Dimitri’s lament on waiting for his lover to return his feelings. It is by far the most mature track on the EP. 

There’s a lot of affection to be had for this latest collection from the New York rockers. It’s rough around the edges, but there’s a core of pure energy and talent residing within. Dimitri’s raspy vocals layered over made-for-pop strums and inspired drumming suggests significant growth that has already been made by the young group, and plenty more to be made.

Check out the band’s material at their bandcamp.

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